Saturday, 28 January 2012

Meanwhile, Back in the States #3

From Sheffield we turn our attention now to New York City.

If you have heard of Lily Brown before, the chances are that either you live in NYC or that you`ve heard of her in connection with her husband, Lloyd L Brown (Lloyd Louis Brown, Lloyd Dight) who is remembered among other things as author of the novel Iron City and as Paul Robeson`s personal assistant.

Whether Lily shared her husband`s Marxist leanings I do not know, but clearly she was, in her own quiet way,  remarkable in her own right.

A teacher with a particular interest in remedial reading for disturbed children she was a community activist and one of the founders of a group called the Neighbourhood Action Coalition, which united a number of  smaller groups to push for civic improvements.

Her activities were uncontroversial and she herself was known for her self-effacing nature. Nevertheless, she deserves a little recognition.

In the later years she was involved with the upliftement of a local playground, which has been named in her honour.

For more details on her life, see ;

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