Monday, 4 October 2010

Hucknall Mining Memorial

Nottinghamshire newsaper the Hucknall Dispatch has launched a campaign to honour miners who lost their lives at local pits.

The campaign was suggested by reader Barrie Lewis, whose father Lawrence died at the age of 39 on Xmas Eve 1960 as the result of an accident at Hucknall. Mr Lewis is researching the issue in partnership with the Dispatch.

The paper aims to collate as much information as possible concerning those who died and they hope to arrange for a memorial plaque near to an existing statue on Station Road, Hucknall which depicts two miners in a design based around the shape of a miner`s lamp.

Deputy editor Martin Hutton is asking anyone with details of miners who died at Hucknall, Linby, Newstead or Annesley to contact him at .

The campaign has been endorsed by Cllr John Wilmott (Labour) , Deputy Leader of Ashfield District Council.

Two articles have so far been printed on the subject in the Dispatch ;

Unsigned - Dispatch Campaign ; Time to Honour Miners Who Died at Pits (24 Sept 2010)
Unsigned - Dispatch Campaign ; Bid for Miner`s Memorial off to Flying Start (1 October 2010)

others will no doubt follow !

This campaign gets a `double-hedgehog` rating, which was actually a mistake on my part, but I thought I`d leave it to stand !

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