Saturday, 2 October 2010

Don`t Cut the Coastal Path (Claim the Coast)

The Marine and Coastal Access Act of 2009 placed a duty on the government to create an all-England coastal path which would attract walkers to the  coastline and boost the rural economy.

The Ramblers are concerned that the current economic climate could put this project in jeopardy, and are encouraging supporters to join their Claim the Coast Campaign (formerly known as `Don`t Cut the Coastal Path`).

In addition to the attractions for walkers and campaigners for countryside access, they are keen to stress the likely benefits to the areas concerned, based on studies of the effect of  The South West Coast Path, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and Hadrian`s Wall, all of which have brought measureable boosts in income to the areas concerned.

In addition to the usual lobbying by supporters, they are asking proprietors of businesses near the coast to complete a short survey, which can be found using a link from the campaigns section of the Ramblers website.

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More Ramblers updates in my article `Ramblin` on my Mind` (this blog, 11 Sept 2010)

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