Sunday, 19 September 2010

John Muir`s Blue Sierra #3

The John Muir Trust is the UK `sister organisation` to the USA`s Sierra Club ( .

Their core work is conserving and preserving wild land and in the course of this work they campaign on a variety of issues, usually in concert with  Ramblers Scotland  and mountaineering organisations.

They are currently leading a campaign for better protection for the UK`s last remaining areas of wild land. They are looking for a new environmental designation for wild land in Scotland and for the expansion and creation of National Parks etc in England Wales and Northern Ireland.


Scottish-born American naturalist and author John Muir is held by many to be the father of modern conservation and had a particular interest in the preservation of wilderness areas, including the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Another Footnote

`John Muir`s Blue Sierra` And `John Muir`s Blue Sierra #2` can be found online at The Graphophone, but may be a little dated now.

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