Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Poisons and Pesticides Provoke Perturbation

Not so long ago, I mentioned an investigation by Derbyshire Police, the RSPB and Natural England into the apparent poisoning of buzzards in the Kirk Ireton and Idridgehay areas of Derbyshire.

It can happen that individuals in the countryside come across something similar. Often they are not clear what to do or who to turn to for advice. As a fairly seasoned wanderer in wildernesses, I have to say it`s pretty rare - it`s not something I`ve ever come across - but it can happen.

Fortunately, help is now at hand ;

The government-run Campaign Against Accidental or Illegal Poisoning has produced a leaflet ; Protecting Pets and Wildlife from Pesticide Poisoning ; A Countryside Users Guide which has useful advice. The CAIP is jointly run by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Afffairs and the Health and Safety Executive. 

There is also a hotline run by the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme  - 0800 321 600. If you are a regular visitor to the countryside (or live there) , they suggest storing the number on your phone.  

Lastly, there is quite a bit of help online ;

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