Saturday, 19 June 2010

Welcome to Angel Pavement

Thanks for visiting my Angel Pavement, a blog which concerns itself mainly with grassroots democracy, community issues etc.

 I`m not a member of any political party but where MPs (of whatever party) are associated with a particular cause I will be giving them a mention. I dare say my own views will be apparent from time to time.

The name of the blog comes from the novel by J B Priestley. The reason for this is that last year my friend and fellow J B Priestley fan Chris Watkinson died of an industrial disease* and, remembering that Angel Pavement was his favourite Priestley novel, I thought it would be a nice gesture to use it for this purpose.

Under the circumstances there will be more emphasis on trade unions and worker safety than you might have expected, but I imagine environment and planning issues will predominate.

Subsequently, it`s occured to me that in their own way the groups and communities featured in this blog embody the sort of popular democracy favoured by Priestley in his wartime classic Out of the People. I didn`t plan it that way, but I`m certainly happy with that.

This Reggie the Hedgehog. Reggie, I understand, was found wandering and lost late last year near Bournmouth by friends of one of my relatives. He spent the winter at a wildlife rescue place and, after many hearty breakfasts, was then released into the wild. Reggie will be making appearances at regular intervals purely because I thought he seemed a good-hearted hedgehog and would add a bit of extra cheer and stop us taking ourselves too seriously ! 

All the Best,


* See "Asbestos Awareness and `Advocacy` - For Chris" online at The Graphophone 19 April 2010. 

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