Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Save Our Valley Revisited

More news from the Save Our Valley campaign.

As you may know, this very interesting campaign had three aspects ;

 One was the desirability or otherwise of the National Grid`s plans to build pylons in a particular part of the Bristol/Somerset area. The main aim of the locally-based Save our Valley was to oppose this development.

Secondly, there were questions as to whether the National Grid had carried out sufficent public consultation, and also whether the consultation they did carry out was designed to get the answer they wanted.

Thirdly, the Infrastructure Planning Commission, the body overseeing all this, was not in fact accountable to Parliament, which seemed completely inappropriate.

We now have answers to two of these questions.

In March of this year, the IPC told the National Grid that the level of public consultation had not been adequate. This effectively obliged them to start again.

Now we learn that the IPC is to be replaced by a new body, the Major Infrastructure Unit, which will be accountable to Parliament.

Lastly, a new public consultation is now underway.

An excellent outcome so far, we shall know the result of the new consultation very soon.

Interested parties ;

Background reading ;

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