Monday, 23 July 2012

Action Mesothelioma Day 6 July 2012 #4

This year`s Action Mesothelioma Day has now taken place.

I posted short articles on some of the events that took place around the country earlier today at and If you would like more information about the day, please contact either Liz Darlison or Tracey Heseltine at

I had intended to post a fourth bulletin on the subject of AMD on this blog before it happened, but with one thing and another it didn`t get done.

Slightly belatedly, I will just now mention a couple of sources that I`d intended to highlight in that bulletin.

One is a report on asbestos in schools from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Health and Safety. As you might know, APPG`s are informal groupings of MPs usually from the Con,Lab and LibDem parties who share an interest in a particular issue or subject.

Although the APPGOHS has close links with the trade union movement, if you thought it was Labour-dominated you`d be wrong - as far as I can see, it is divided evenly between Labour and Coalition MPs.

The report can be found here ;

The other couple of items I`d wanted to mention are here ;

As I`ve said before, anything anyone can do to help publicise the issues surrounding asbestos, by means of blogs and social networking sites would be very much appreciated.


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