Sunday, 24 June 2012

Annesley Community Committed to Ensuring Sustainable Settlements (ACCESS)

Here`s an extract from an article written by a member of the Ramblers* recently concerning Oak Wood at Annesley in North Notts recently ;

"Last November, Taylor Wimpey acquired the wood from the Forestry Commission. However, their intention was not to leave the wood as it stood...Instead, a planning application was made for a large soak-away** which will waterlog part of the area and require the removal of a large number of trees, thus destroying its` wildlife.

The first application was turned down but a revised scheme has now been submitted.

Local residents have got together to fight and save the wood : they have claimed several paths in it, applied for tree protection orders, and tasked a professional to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment.

This is an excellent example of why our woods should not be sold off."

Chris Thompson - Saving our Woods and Forests, Area Footpath Secretary`s Report, Nottinghamshire Walker, Spring/Summer 2012.

A quick search shows up that the area in question is also known as Little Oak Plantation, Little Oak Woods and/or Bluebell Woods and that the local people mentioned by Mr T are in fact ACCESS (Annesley Community Committed to Ensuring Sustainable Settlements), a well-respected local group with some experience in these matters.

The group appear to have no website, but I have found some articles online that may be of interest. The most recent is ;

Unsigned - Campaigners Fight to Save Woods - , 11 April 2012

And these two may be of interest for background ;

Unsigned - Campaign to Save Ancient Woodland -, 17 Nov 2011

Unsigned - Annesley Residents Call for Woodland to be Protected -, 2 Nov 2011

Articles on the group`s other activities have appeared  in The Chad from time to time if anyone wants to seek them out. Surprisingly, there seems to be little or nothing online from group members themselves (unless I`ve missed it !).

For want of a better way to end the article, here`s another picture of Reggie the Hedgehog.

* For more on the Ramblers see and/or .

** Taylor Wimpey have plans to build on land adjacent to the wood, hence their desire for a `soak way`.

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