Sunday, 6 May 2012

Small Charities Week 2012

The grandly-named Foundation for Social Improvement is a small charity that exists to support small charities, for instance by providing free training and advice, and by helping with the costs of accessing these services.

One of the highlights of their year is Small Charities Week, which takes place during June.

This year they will be holding an SCW online sale in  conjunction with E-Bay, to take place 11 - 15 June 2012. I understand that participating groups are on the look-out for items to sell as part of this, particularly items with a celebrity connection.

To find out more, visit the group`s site at , or to learn more about one of the small charities concerned, see my article Return of the Equine Quadrupeds*, posted a few days ago at

*An equine quadruped (pic courtesy of the Fforest Uchaf Pit Pony Sanctuary, Pontypridd)

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