Friday, 9 March 2012

Get Shirebrook on the Map

Get Shirebrook on the Map is a community-based campaign to promote this small market town on the North Notts/South Derbyshire border.

Shirebrook was once a mining town and, like many comparable areas, fell into decline after the pit closures of the 1980s.

Campaigners claim the area has now  bounced back, but that the grim reputation it acquired is proving hard to shake off.

The campaign was acually begun by a local schoolboy, Daniel Warriner, who applied for funding from the 02 Think Big scheme, which aims to give young people financial support for a project that benefits the whole community. 

Young Daniel`s project, which aims to generate interest in the history of the area and in the surrounding countryside, is supported by the local Town Council and by Shirebrook Academy.

The campaign`s site is at .

I wouldn`t normally do this, but just to make a suggestion, if anyone felt inclined to promote young Daniel`s cause by, eg, adding the `Get Shirebrook...` site as a link to their own blog/site, or by sharing it on Facebook etc, I for one would think that was a good thing.

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