Thursday, 23 February 2012

Asbestos Awareness 2012

As I`ve mentioned before, a friend of mine died a couple of years ago as the result of having worked with asbestos in younger days. This site was in fact named after his favourite J B Priestley novel as a kind of tribute to him.

I think I`ve also mentioned that the Ripley and Heanor areas of Derbyshire have an unusually high number of asbestos-related deaths due to the number of retired industrial workers in the area.

Under the circumstances, I like to use this blog to draw attention to the issue at least once a year.

Anyone interested in this issue might like to see this article concerning an event planned for 7.00pm on 29 Feb 2012 at Derby Cathedral  ;

Unsigned - Cathedral Tribute to the Asbestos Victims - Ripley and Heanor News, 23 February 2012 (

and/or visit these sites ;

and .

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