Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hedgehog Finds Fame

More observant visitors to this blog may have noticed that many of our forays into topicality are embellished with likenesses of a young and possibly wayward hedgehog, Reggie.

As previously explained (See `Welcome to Angel Pavement`, this blog, 19 June 2010), the original Reggie was rehabilitated and returned to the wild some time ago, like a small, spiky version of the lioness Elsa in `Born Free`.

His likeness appears in this blog principally to stop us taking ourselves too seriously and also to add a touch of cheer when it`s needed, such as after my most recent post.

Although Reggie himself is, I like to think, roaming the wilds of Bournmouth, he will be present in spirit only at Woodbridge Library (Suffolk) during August , when library helper Jeannie has asked to use his picture to illustrate some stories of hers which she will be reading at two Stories for Children events there.

Although no actual hedgehogs will be present on the day(s), the Stories for Children events will take place on Aug 2 at 3.00 and Aug 30 at 11.00 at Woodbridge Library, New St, IP12 1DT. 

"Let`s keep our libraries alive, open and different !" says Jeannie, which is as good a rallying call as you could hope for.

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