Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Update - Save Newark Hospital

Well, it`s a short time since the UK elections/referendum. Commentators have commented, analysts have analysed, pundits have punditted and bloggers have blogged.  No doubt their scintillating wit and insight has enriched the lives of many.

Back in the real world, I`m a bit pushed for time, so I`ll confine my own efforts to a series of short updates on matters we`ve touched on in the past, with the odd new arrival thrown in for good measure.

First up,  Save Newark Hospital.

This campaign, as I`ve mentioned before,  has brought together Conservative MP Patrick Mercer with a campaign group which features many prominent local Labour activists. 

The latest development can be found here ;

Unsigned - Campaign Joy as Committee Calls for Hospital Review, 4 April 2011  at .

A link to the campaign group`s web site is on this blog already and carries a link to their Facebook page, which is the main vehicle for news from them.

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