Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Voices for Libraries # 3 : 5 February is Save Our Libraries Day

I had hoped to write at greater length on the subject of the various campaigns against cuts to the library service, but work and family commitments leave me with relatively little time to spend on researching these things, and I`m conscious that others do it better in any case.

One such individual is the writer Alan Gibbons, who has been waging an epic  one-man war on library cuts. Another is Benedicte Page, who has written repeatedly on the subject at http://www.thebookseller.com/. Somerset man Steve Ross has been campaigning for a public debate on the subject and, while the Minister initially appeared to refuse this, he has now granted a debate to Wigan MP Lisa Nandy, whose constituency has seen a 17% increase in visits to libraries, in contrast to a national trend showing declining use.

Without further ado, I shall draw your attention to the proposed Save Our Libraries day being promoted by Mr Gibbons. Details are to be found in his articles ;

`February 5th : A Carnival of Resistance to Closure` (25 January 2011) and `Support Swells for Save our Libraries Day` (25 January 2011), both at http://alangibbons.net/ .

For more on libraries, including links etc, see these ;

Voices for Libraries ( this blog, 29 Sep 2010 ) and Voices for Libraries #2 ( this blog, 9 Dec 2010 ) and Long Eaton Library and a Local Historian`s Legacy  ( 16 Jan 2011 ) at http://bookshelvesandbrownale.blogspot.com/ .

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