Thursday, 9 December 2010

Voices For Libraries #2

Anyone interested in my earlier article Voices For Libraries (this blog, 29 September 2010) might like to know that a number of articles on the subject have appeared on The Bookseller web site.

In addition to updates on developments in the Wirral, Dorset and Lewisham, there have been a number of articles reflecting a national perspective.

Here are a few that may be of particular interest ;

Benedicte Page - Plan for Industry-Wide Message on Libraries (7 October 2010)
Benedicte Page - Massive Cutbacks to Library Services Begin (29 November 2010)
Kate Mosse - Library Matters (9 December 2010)

These three can be found at and .

The links provided in my earlier piece should still be relevant in most cases. It`s worth re-iterating that the writer Alan Gibbons continues to perform a heroic one-man crusade on the issue at .

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