Monday, 8 November 2010

Burning Passions in Amber Valley

We`ve already looked at the issue of waste incineration, in my articles Burning Passions ( this blog, 7 Sep 2010 ) and Burning Passions 2 ( this blog, 9 August 2010 ).

Now the issue has cropped up again, this time in the form of an application by Warwick Energy to open a `gassification plant` at Pye Bridge Industrial Estate, Somercotes, Derbyshire.

Their application is opposed by Amber Valley Against Incineration ( ). The issues are broadly the same as those aired elsewhere in Derbyshire by Spondon and Sinfin Against Incineration, Spondon Against Cyclomax and Derby and South Derbyshire Friends of the Earth, with the difference that in this case, AVAIN are also calling into question the suitability of some individuals involved with Warwick Energy (aka Warwick Integrated Generation Ltd) to be involved with such sensitive work, in light of past business dealings with another company.

The AVAIN website is worth a visit, but those who like to hear both sides of the question may like to check out these two articles ;

Unsigned - £8m Gasification Plant Will be Safe, Says Boss (6 October 2010)
Rachel Butler - Waste Plant Emissions Would Not Be Hazard Claims Energy Firm Boss (13 October 2010)

both at

`Thisisderbyshire` also printed numerous articles on the issue during August and September, with more to come, no doubt.

Local MP and real ale drinker Nigel Mills (Conservative)  does not seem to have expressed any views on the issue online, but in a local newsletter he indicated that he "shared the concerns" of campaigners and felt the proposed development was too near to areas of housing for his liking. Mr Mills became an MP for the first time at the last election, and has inherited an interesting constituency.  Lodge House Mine, Heanor Memorial Hospital and Warwick Energy`s proposed plant all fall within his remit and there are concerns over the fate of former industrial sites in the area, notably Butterley Ironworks and Stevenson`s Yard. I don`t agree with everthing he says and does, but as he likes a pint, I say good luck to him !

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