Thursday, 5 August 2010

Of Rushcliffe Greenfields and Others

South of the River Trent we find the Rushcliffe Greenfield Campaign Group, who describe their mission in life as being "to represent the residents of Rushcliffe defending the Green Belt land against all development."

Opposing "all development" might bring to mind images of King Canute, but their current campaign, opposing ill-thought out proposals to build 4,200 houses and a new football stadium in the area, will strike a chord with many, I`m sure.

They can make their case perfectly well for themselves, so find out their objections by clicking on .

One of their members, Tony Stace, has penned three articles addressing the underlying issues - What Use is the Green Belt, Where Houses Should be Built and What to Do With All the Cars. To read these, and a number of responses (for and against), visit .

The group works closely with two similar bodies in neighbouring areas ; Fields ( ) and TABU ( ).

With football association FIFA due to visit the area in August to assess the viability of the stadium plan, this campaign could be very topical in the next few weeks. The FIFA officials are required to take in consideration a number of criteria, including transport and environment issues and level of public support, all areas in which the campaign groups have deeply-felt concerns.  

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