Saturday, 3 July 2010

Irate in Ilkley

In August 2009, Bradford Council refused two planning permission applications by supermarket giant Tesco. The decision followed a well-supported `no` campaign which resulted in a 5,000 strong petition and 2,000 letters of objection.

Tesco have now lodged an appeal and the Planning Inspectorate will hear arguments for both sides from 7 July onwards at Ilkley Playhouse. The appeal is expected to last 8 days.

IRATE (Ilkley Residents Against Tesco Expansion) has so far been funded by the individuals concerned giving their own time and money. For the purposes of the appeal, they will be calling a number of expert witnesses. These are not expecting to be paid, but IRATE feels it should contribute to their expenses, so is asking for donations from any well-wishers who are able to help out.

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